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The Indian Planning Commission has developed an energy scenario development tool, the India Energy Security Scenarios 2047, which is studying a number of potential energy scenarios for India by 2047 for different sectors of energy demand and supply. The energy initiative is accessible to the public via an interactive graphic web interface, an excel model and comprehensive sectoral documentation. Details… This agreement should be read as part of the Major Ports Trust Act of 1983 and other port laws. In particular, the amount of the tariff is regulated by the tariff authority of high-interest ports and is not set by the concession agreement. Barely two years after the NDA-1 cabinet revised the model concession agreement (MCA) for public-private partnership (PPP) projects with large port funds, the Ministry of Navigation is back on the drawing board in an attempt to reshape the key document that defines the terms of a port contract. However, contrary to previous experience, the third edition of the MCA is developed by the ministry on the basis of ideas or proposals from “existing/potential investors/PPP dealers/individuals/stakeholders.” It is generally a useful document to form the basis of a port concession agreement. The following questions should be considered as a model of agreement – and should be part of a feasibility study for each proposed project. “Instead of reviewing the wavs, why not consider solving the problems of existing concession agreements. You are only talking about a new MCA.

The time must consider and correct the difficulties/problems of existing concession agreements,” he said. Between April and January in the GJ20, the dozen ports together loaded 585.725 million tonnes of cargo, an increase of 1.14 per cent over the previous year. “The Department of Navigation intends to review the existing McA. This initiative is being taken to align the MCA`s provisions with good practice, in order to attract more P3 investors to the port sector,” says a public circular from the ministry. Where the state intends to improve port services by introducing private sector expertise and possibly financing. Here you will find reports on the Planning Commission`s Direct Profit Transfer Scheme (DBT). Users must select the year to access the list of reports. Details of Aadhaar Payment Bridge System (APBS) Transaction Reports, Aadhaar Generation Report, Schemes for roll-out DBT, etc.

are available. A list of office edges is also available. . The aim was to dispel long-standing complaints from PPP operators that the share of revenue must be paid on the cap rate authorized by the Large Ports Tariff Authority (TAMP) and that rebates have been ignored. The Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) has also adopted the MCA to privatize India`s first river terminal — the Varanasi multimodal terminal on national Waterway 1 – given operational similarities and infrastructure requirements. However, the tender was rejected by IWAI for non-partner bidders, as BusinessLine announced on Monday. This replaced the previous method of allocating projects based on the highest revenues that a bidder was willing to share with the port`s public domain from its gross annual revenues. To further improve the quality of reports, UNCTAD reviewed the methodology for monitoring investment policies in 2011. and measures that declined until the year 2000. The National Innovation Council launched the Global Innovation Roundtable as a political dialogue to outline a new paradigm of inclusive innovation. Users can learn about the National Innovation Council, the Global Innovation Roundtable, participants, the program, etc.

You can also read roundtable summaries. Common Law, but could be adapted to a civil court, subject to local law. Access to the annual online plans made available by the planning commission is provided.