Singapore Agreement With India

designating authority: a body established in the territory of a Contracting Party, empowered to designate, monitor, suspend or withdraw the designation to carry out conformity assessment activities in its field of competence in accordance with the mandatory requirements of the other Party; Singapore and India successfully concluded on 1 June 2018, in the presence of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, the second revision of the India-Singapore Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECAF). [7] It allows the movement of four types of businessmen between Singapore and India. The second revision of the C.A.C.A. was completed without any amendment to the chapter on the free movement of persons. [8] (d) is also qualified for entry into the framework of the measures in force in the field of public health, public safety and national security, in accordance with this Chapter. “It is understandable that Singaporeans are worried about competition from foreign professionals, managers and executives (SMEs) amid the economic situation and difficult employment,” the spokesperson said. (ii) `executive` means a natural person within an organisation who primarily directs the management of the organisation, exercises a wide margin of decision and receives only the general supervision or guidance of senior management, the board of directors or shareholders of the undertaking; a director would not primarily perform tasks related to the actual provision of the service or the operation of an investment; However, this shall not prevent the executive from performing, in the exercise of its functions described above, secondary tasks necessary for the performance of the service or the operation of an investment; In order to agree on the chairmanship of the arbitral tribunal within thirty days of the appointment of the second arbitrator, the president shall be appointed, in the presence of both parties, by drawing lots from a list of four candidates from each party. Where a Party does not provide its list of the four nominees within ten days of the communication by the other Party of the protected information provided to it in the context of conformity assessment and/or designation activities. (f) the income of nationals of the other Party who work in connection with an investment in the territory of the former Party; and (g) the investigation is, in any event, terminated within one year of the initiation of the investigation; (d) temporary entry: entry by a visitor, a short-term service provider, a worker transferred within the group or a professional, as well as by spouses or dependants within the meaning of Article 9.6, as the case may be, without the intention of assessing conformity, any activity that is determined directly or indirectly, than the products, the manufacturers or procedures comply with the relevant standards and/or specifications to: meet the mandatory requirements set out in the binding requirements of the Contracting Party concerned.