Supplier Agreement Template Nz

It offers an overview of the 3rd edition Government Model Contracts (GMCs). Email the purchasing team if you can`t find what you need or need help using these templates. The Shape 2 models have been designed for use by any other buyer who does not deal with a contract on behalf of the crown. This is a simple B2B distribution agreement for low-value, low-risk electronic products. People who work for a government authority and wish to use these templates should first contact their purchasing or domestic law team. It is not recommended to use these documents without advice from these teams. Contract management tool for the operational management of the result agreement. Optional, but highly recommended for the management of higher quality, longer-term or more complex agreements, such as outcome agreements with multiple funders or service lines. Use this variation model to make agreed changes to the (bilateral) outcome agreement. Use this variation model to make agreed changes to the (integrated) result agreement for variations concerning a single purchasing agency and the supplier. Consultation on updated models of government contracts (Link leaves this page) – Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Employment The presentations of the 3rd edition can now be used for all new contracts and must be used for all new contracts from 1 June 2020. Check out the Sourcing of your suppliers section on the website to find out what you should do at this stage of the buying process.