Windows 10 Home License Agreement

Microsoft does not allow users who use non-genuine copies of Windows and attempt to update their pirated version, because Microsoft has made it clear in this clause that you do not have the license to use the software if you use a non-original copy and update the version from authorized sources. The Microsoft Office package that comes with Windows 10 can only be used for non-commercial or personal use, and large enterprises must purchase a licensed version of Office 365 to use it. If you can read the entire license terms carefully, you may discover that the new license agreement is clear and quite easy to understand for any user, without hidden issues, there are few minor changes that we have highlighted in the articles as mentioned below. The only place I found the quote that the OP published is here and seems to have mostly volume licenses to Microsoft has drawn the line to update and activate non-genuine copies of Windows with Windows 10. According to the latest EULA updates, you are allowed to upgrade from a non-genuine Windows license to Windows 10, but this will not result in the authenticity of your license. If you`re upgrading from a non-genuine version of Windows, just ask Microsoft to stop you in the future. Without major license changes, Microsoft has sold one billion copies of Windows 10 worldwide, focusing on increasing customer satisfaction. It`s clear that Microsoft still wants you to only use the original copies of Windows and certainly don`t provide technical support to users who don`t use original copies from actual buyers. However, there are still a few clauses where Microsoft has not yet clarified their perception and worked to improve them for future buyers.