Wto Tfa Agreement Pdf

12.2 This article should not be interpreted in the sense that it alters or affects a member`s rights or obligations under these bilateral, plurilateral or regional conventions, or regulates the exchange of customs information and data under these other agreements. The WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) came into force on 22 February 2017. This is the result of the Doha round of trade negotiations launched in 2001. The text of the TFA was adopted by WTO members at the 9th Ministerial Conference in Bali on 3 and 6 December 2013. The agreement entered into force in accordance with Article X:3 of the WTO agreement and members must individually accept the amendment to the WTO agreement by tabling an instrument for accepting the amendment protocol adopted on 27 November 2014. An updated list of members who have adopted the minutes is available on the WTO website. The Trade Facilitation Agreement targets WTO members: 12.1 Nothing in this article prevents a member from concluding or maintaining a bilateral, multilateral or regional agreement on the exchange or exchange of customs information and data, even on a safe and rapid basis, for example on an automatic basis. B or before the shipment arrives. . 1. For the purposes of this agreement, “member” is defined as the competent authority of that member.

(iii) financial solvency, including, if applicable, sufficient guarantee or guarantee; and (iv) any additional matter for which a member believes that a preliminary decision should be issued. 3.5 Each Member ensures that, when applying a sanction for violating customs law, regulations or procedural rules of the person subject to the sanction, there is a written statement indicating the nature of the offence and the applicable law, the regulation or procedure by which the amount or extent of the sanction was prescribed for the offence. (c) the length of time for which the preliminary decision is valid. 3.1 A member may, upon request, give the opportunity to conduct a second examination if the first test result of a sample taken upon arrival of the goods declared for importation reveals an adverse finding. (a) the points of contact of their agencies responsible for assisting and supporting capacity building in the implementation of Section I of this agreement, including, to the extent feasible, information on these points of contact within the country or region where aid and assistance is to be provided; and when a member adopts a system of notifications or guidelines for the relevant authorities or puts in place a system to improve border controls or controls on food, beverages or feed under notification or instructions for the protection of human, animal or plant life or health in its territory , the terms of their exposure are applicable: 1. Each member must provide that any person against whom Customs adopts an administrative decision (4) has the right to its territory 3 The separation of the release from the final provision of rights, taxes, rights and rights (c) immediately suspends or suspends notification or instructions if the circumstances that lead to it are no longer likely to be dealt with in a less limited manner; and two.