Yarra Trams Enterprise Agreement 2015

Ridership in the free tram area is booming by 22.6% and crowded trams have become a daily sight at any time of the day in the city centre. Employees will receive a 14% pay increase over the next four years and two separate cash payments totaling three percent. The first salary increase will be reinstated on July 1, 2015. Yarra Trams is pleased to have negotiated a basic agreement with the Union of Railways, Trams and Buses (RTBU) that ends the recent labour disputes. Altieri said the union had been negotiating in good faith since April 22, but was still “miles away from the company.” The current corporate agreement expired on June 30, but will remain in effect until a new agreement is finalized. But on the 25th. In February, RTBU and the Victorian government agreed to withdraw the proposed trade union action on the Grand Prix in exchange for the government and Yarra Trams withdrawing their demand to end or suspend industrial action in the FWC. Real-time information is provided via the tramTRACKER app® for smartphones, the Twitter account @yarratrams and passenger information displays at the main tram stops. We believe that the threat of industrial action is not necessary and remain committed to reaching a fair and balanced agreement and keeping the trams moving so that people in the community can continue their lives as usual. Meanwhile, fare bypass on trams fell to a record high of 4.8% in May, according to Public Transport Victoria.

“Our current agreement expired last week and after three months of negotiations, with few signs of progress, our members have had enough,” Grigorovich said. We remain committed to a fair and balanced agreement. We are ready to sit down at the negotiating table at any time of the day or night. “We remain committed to reaching an agreement that is fair to all parties and achieved productively without disturbing the public through union action, and that allows us to further improve tram transport in Melbourne,” Murphy said. Yarra Trams, the privatized company responsible for the network in the CBD and the inner suburbs, has battled pressure from the Railway, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) to negotiate a new trade deal (EBA) aimed at boosting wages and conditions. The agreement, which includes tram drivers, customer service representatives, authorised officials and other operational staff, is the result of complex negotiations between Yarra Trams and RTBU. The agreement includes the introduction of trauma leave and domestic violence leave, as well as an increase in maternity and secondary leave as well as bereavement leave. We expect trams to run at normal frequencies between 4pm and 5pm. The union has been fighting for a new EBA for nearly eight months. The old contract expired in 2015. “We would prefer to avoid industrial action if a deal can be reached before next Friday,” she said. Yarra Trams is ready to sit down at the negotiating table at any time of the day or night to reach an agreement.