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Despite that and the best intentions there is always the possibility to cut what was not intended. By transilluminating the organ and thereby significantly improving visibility and awareness the surgeon can dramatically reduce the potential for unintended consequences. Dr. Dib created such a tool, the Gastric Light Guide, to transilluminate the GI tract from esophagus to pylorus.

As is true of many innovations in medicine, a better idea often stems from the source, in this case the surgeon. Nasser Dib, MD, a prominent general/bariatric Polish surgeon in Warsaw, recognised the need for better visibility in complex abdominal surgical procedures. In MIS procedures the cavity is brightly lit.
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The Innovative Gastric Light Guide

Invented by Dr. Naser Dib
who recognised the need for a better visual guide than the standard Bougie during Bariatic Sleeve Surgery.

Unmatched features in one Device – Reducing Procedure Time & Improving Outcomes


A unique light channel run the full length of the bougie, illuminating the oral cavity and pharynx for safe and proper insertion into the oesophagus and stomach


Once in place along the lesser curvature, the light guide transilluminates the stomach wall, while suction holds it in place, allowing the surgeon to see best path


The Gastric Light Guide includes 2 channels, a full-length light fiber and a suction or leak test, allowing all functions to be performed with one device and one insertion


The Gastric Light Guide gives the surgeon and anaesthetist critical visual guidance, reducing the risk of interoperative and post-procedure complications

Unmatched Features in One Device

Light & Suction


The Gastric Light Guide gives the surgeon and anaesthetist critical visual guidance, reducing the risk of intraoperative and post-procedure complications, reducing procedure time, and improving outcomes.

More light – more safety The Gastric Light Guide is a unique and innovative product that offers the surgeon an optimal view of the gastric tube during sleeve gastrectomy reducing risk of intraoperative complications.

The advantages

  • No external light source required
  • More safety through better visualization of the gastric tube
  • Suction and rinsing possible
  • Disposable product, therefore always ready for use

Where Vision Meets Precision

Our unique light guide is an innovative illuminated bougie that provides a precise visual path for surgical procedures

The preference for Sleeve Gastrectomy among physicians and patients continues to grow.
Studies show that the size and shape of the Sleeve is critical to a good result.



Just after intubation, with light on, the anesthetist places the GLG through the oral cavity and esophagus into the stomach



Guided by the well-lit bougie seen through the stomach wall, the surgeon positions the GLG along the lesser curvature, then initiates suction.



Subsequently, using an endostapler, surgeon cuts off a part of the stomach along the line indicated by the illuminated bougie.


Complete & Test

The Surgeon appropriately removes stomach specimen, then performs a leak or dye test. After testing extracts the Gastric Light Guide

Innovative Gastric Tube - Gastric Light Guide
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Laparoscopic & Colorectal Specialist
Dr Naser Dib PhD

Surgical PhD & Laparoscopic Specialist from the Nasmed Medical Clinic, Warsaw, Poland. Inventor of the Gastric Light Guide.

Medical Device Industry Expert
Graeme L Smith

25+ years in Med Devices, inc. multi nationals & start ups. Pioneering new ideas and creating markets has been key to sales & business dev success.

William Rutan

35+ years experience in medical devices with a focus in minimal invasive surgery, exec leadership roles including CEO & Patent Holder.

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Kate Baxter

A highly experienced Professional Services & Corporate Tax Advisor. After 10 years with PwC, Kate started advising Ideas in Medicine in 2014.

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    Distributors Wanted

    This unique and useful product is available for distributors. Please get in touch (just select Distribution Enquiry in the form dropdown)

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    Technical and Ordering Data


    Product Cat. No.
    Gastric Light Guide (Single-use EO sterilized) GLG001
    • 36FR double-channel bougie with fiber optic illuminations
    • Markings along bougie allow measurement from bite-block

    -1000mm length PVC tube – does not contain latex

    Light Handle (Reusable – Aluminium) Type 8
    • LED light source with neutral light effect
    • Battery operated – includes two rechargeable battery packs

    Currently available in Poland, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Korea (coming soon to Mexico, Panama, Colombia).
    Not approved for sale in the U.S.



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