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Despite that and the best intentions there is always the possibility to cut what was not intended. By transilluminating the organ and thereby significantly improving visibility and awareness the surgeon can dramatically reduce the potential for unintended consequences. Dr. Dib created such a tool, the Gastric Light Guide, to transilluminate the GI tract from esophagus to pylorus.

As is true of many innovations in medicine, a better idea often stems from the source, in this case the surgeon. Nasser Dib, MD, a prominent general/bariatric Polish surgeon in Warsaw, recognised the need for better visibility in complex abdominal surgical procedures. In MIS procedures the cavity is brightly lit.
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Gastric Light illuminating sleeve gastrectomy procedures

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Gastric Light illuminating sleeve gastrectomy procedures

A new, innovative Gastric Light Guide bougie is promising to illuminate the sleeve gastrectomy market by minimising postsurgical complications and substantially reducing the operative time of the procedure. During the sleeve gastrectomy, the anaesthetist inserts the Gastric Light Guide through the oral cavity and oesophagus into the stomach. The surgeon positions the Gastric Light Guide easily and precisely along the lesser curvature, so they can see the well-lit bougie through the stomach wall.

“Traditionally in sleeve gastrectomy, a standard 36Fr size bougie is used for calibrating the stomach sleeve and for a stomach leak test,” explained Dr Naser Dib, a laparoscopic and colorectal specialist from the Nasmed Medical Clinic, Warsaw, Poland and inventor of the Gastric Light Guide. “As a conventional bougie is hardly visible through the stomach wall, I decided to develop a new one.”

The Gastric Light Guide bougie uses the same 36Fr size as a conventional bougie and contains two channels – methylene blue is injected into one channel to perform the stomach leak test and the second channel contains on optical fibre to illuminate the location of the bougie.

According to users of the device, the Gastric Light Guide minimizes post-surgical complications common in procedures performed with traditional, non-illuminated gastric tubes and substantially reduces the operative time of sleeve gastrectomy.

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